What We've Been Up To

We're constantly on the go but love getting the chance to sit down and reflect on our video productions. We've been fortunate enough to do tons of work at home in San Diego and have traveled to 3 separate continents along the way. Here's a look inside what went into our favorite projects.

Merritt Bookkeeping Video Shoot

Bookkeeping. For some, the mere mention of the word can run shivers down your spine. Crunching numbers, keeping track of data, logging all of your profit/loss, purchases, etc, etc – Simply put: it’s…

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The Raw Collective Video Shoot

It’s always great to be approached by new brands and companies to create a video for a new marketing campaign. And what makes it even better is when the brand represents a greater purpose. So…

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Left Coast Brewery Video Shoot

Throw a rock in Southern California these days and you’ll probably hit a craft brewery. It feels like they’re popping up now more than Starbucks. However, not all can claim…

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San Diego Zoo’s “Tech to Reconnect” Video Shoot

Being from San Diego, there are a couple of facts we just know: fish tacos are delicious, the beaches are beautiful, and the San Diego Zoo is spectacular. The Zoo here is…

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Trophy Motorcycles Video Shoot

For us, crafting a new video for a company’s main page of their website is an exhilarating task. It means that a group of people are putting their brand into our hands…

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Shaper Studios Video Shoot

When we started Pure Cinema Productions, we knew that we wanted to make it a priority to seek out interesting projects. More so, we wanted to work with clients and brands who were unique,…

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