What We've Been Up To

We're constantly on the go but love getting the chance to sit down and reflect on our video productions. We've been fortunate enough to do tons of work at home in San Diego and have traveled to 3 separate continents along the way. Here's a look inside what went into our favorite projects.

Budgeting for Travel Shoots

Shooting video in a beautiful city like San Diego is great but we still love to travel for shoots.  I can definitely think of worse things than getting to see the world…

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Project Proposals

Project Proposals are the seeds to almost every project we create. They’re often the main ingredient to us being hired – as it gives the client an overall vision for what we…

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Dream Clients

It’s so often talked about what our clients look for in us. And how can we be more of that? What do we need to do to attract them?  But what’s often…

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Filming on the Fly

Sometimes video production calls for one speed: GO! We have limited time, limited gear and limited crew to execute ALL of the footage we need for a specific project. This can lead…

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3 Tips for Conducting Authentic and Engaging Interviews

Whether we’re filming a brand film, documentary film, company profile video, etc – one thing is almost always certain: we’ll probably need to film an interview. And while interviewing people isn’t the…

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How We Transitioned From Weddings to Commercial Work

It’s an age old question in business: How do you transition from the company you ARE to the company you WANT TO BE?  That was the question we were asking ourselves back…

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