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$3,000,000 For Ticwatch; Gold Addy for Pure Cinema

A textbook Win Win when our clients raise over $3,000,000 on Kickstarter and we take home the Gold Addy at the American Advertising Awards.

Tic Watch S & E

“This was a large cast of talent to direct,” says director, Ryan Knight. “My vision was to interweave a number intricate product functions with a large number of unique character stories and scenes. The storylines all collide with a final reveal where all characters meet up and become part of single story. This was a challenge that I thoroughly enjoyed.” Taking calls and tracking your score from the golf course, voice navigation on an urban bike ride, fitness goals at the gym, baking in the kitchen, personal fitness data in a tennis match, lowering heart rate at living room yoga, music streaming on a run, voice-to-note taking while at coffee shop meeting, and finally 4 friends meeting up at the local bar for a birthday celebration, Tic Watch and Pure Cinema covered it all. Watch here…




The American Advertising Awards, or the Addys, was hosted by SDX, right here in our hometown of San Diego. “We were thrilled to win some hardware for this one,” says producer, Luke McCain. “This project was a bit of a beast – running around to over 5 locations in 2 days, with a full team of make-up artists, gaffers, grips, props artist and set designers. The entire team put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into bringing this project to life – so this win goes out to our entire team.”

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