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Making the Commercials

Working on 3 broadcast commercial spots in 3 days is a feat. More than a clear vision, it takes collaboration, a core team, and a crew that you trust 1000%.


When Civilian Agency contacted us in November 2017 to produce, film & edit a series of 3 broadcast commercial spots for that shed awareness on mental health – we immediately knew this would be a special project. There was an unspoken trust that we felt from them after leaving our first meeting; and likewise, we trusted them to steer the ship of the project and together – create something we can all be proud of.


Additionally, there was an added expectation on our end internally. It’s not every day we get to work with socially conscious brands that are seeking to help others struggling with life – so being a part of that mission and team for just one project was an honor that we did not take lightly.

Filming in the bedroom (above). One of the most essential elements of this project was that we wanted these short stories to feel as authentic as possible – so we worked closely with a location manager and set designer to find us real family homes with real bedrooms that were being lived in. Additionally, we added to the decor of each room to match the character in each commercial.



Director Ryan Knight (below) tucked away around the corner as a scene plays out live on his monitor. This particular scene called for an emotional response from our actors, so we wanted to seclude ourselves from the area to give them space and comfort in their performance.



Communication with the client is important at every stage of the production. Director Ryan Knight (below) chats with the client about the framing and scene.



Check out all 3 commercial spots below:

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