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Welcome Chris Clark

Today we are incredibly excited (like, really *really* excited) to introduce our friend Chris Clark as VP of Business Development and the newest additional to our Pure Cinema family. Chris has deep Pure Cinema roots – as we first met him way back in 2014 when we produced our very first Pure Cinema project for his company Shaper Studios (and still one of our all time favorites – check it out below).

Chris is a full-blooded entrepreneur and business rock star. After co-founding Shaper Studios in 2012 – he grew the company into a worldwide brand with Shaper locations now in San Diego, Vancouver, Montreal, Chile, Hawaii and Japan. Additionally, Chris teaches an Entrepreneurship course in the Sports MBA Program at San Diego State University.


Q&A with Chris Clark;

We asked Chris a few quick questions about what drew him to a production company, as well as what inspires him in his career.
What drew you to want to be a part of a commercial video production company?

I have always considered myself extremely creative and artistic in my approach to business. To join an all-start team of creatives is a dream. I get to work in an environment where anything is possible.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by new challenges. I feel like challenges give you path to grow and learn. My young athletic career really challenged me to become a competitor and a strong sense of confidence. Now a days, I enjoy surfing, a less competitive yet challenging outlet. As a father of two, I have recently met my biggest challenge to date and also the most rewarding and inspirational time in my life.

What’s one thing you’ve learned in your career that you’ll never forget?

I have learned so much in my career, but the most important thing in career is remembering that business is a human endeavor and at the end of the day relationships are how you will be remembered. My career has been a series of relationships that have lead to transactions. Here’s the secret… if you build a cool brand, you attract cool business partners and really cool clients.

What’s one thing you cannot live without?

My surfboard.



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