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Behind the Project: Planck Aerosystems

We know a little something about drones. Being a production company, we often work with our own drone to capture stellar aerial imagery and epic views for our projects. So when we were contacted by Planck Aerosystems, a drone start-up company who specializes in marine aeronautical drones – we jumped at the opportunity to create a brand film for them. 

Simply put: Planck creates drones for boats. Their state of the art technology allows a drone to fly itself while capturing and transmitting information from sea. After learning their office was only 3 blocks away from ours in east village, downtown San Diego – we walked over and met with their team to begin the concept and ideation phase. We were pleasantly surprised to find their headquarters is an awesome industrial studio flat with vaulted ceilings and huge glass windows, where they build the drones and do test flights in-office. The kind of office space that is begging for interviews and b-roll. 

From our first meeting with the Planck team, they let us know that they wanted to tell the story of who they are, what they do, and how they do it. They wanted to showcase the technology and software behind their product – but also feature it in a real life situation. This meant one thing: we needed  to get on a boat and head out to sea with them. We didn’t hesitate. After filming in their office on the first day, we popped some sea-sickness pills and geared up for a 4:30am wake up call and full day shoot out on the Pacific. 

It was a jam packed shoot: from early morning fog; loading bags of camera equipment onto a small fishing boat, to jumping back and forth between two boats, filming b-roll, flying our own drone to capture their drone, and plenty of salt water in between. 

Take a look at the film we made below: 

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