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"Raised in the Waves" - A Brand Film for Ravean Aaron Photography

In the last couple of years, we’ve been luckily enough to produce a handful of amazing projects taking us all over the world. But when we get to stay home and dive into the Pacific Ocean, ride motorcycles and fly drones over the mountains – it’s a little extra special. And when we get to collaborate with other awesome creatives it’s a match made in film heaven. 

So when we got a call from TNB Creative looking to create a brand film for Ravean Aaron – a local surf, landscape & travel photographer – we knew we were in for some fun. 

Ravean is a fellow homegrown San Diegan like ourselves – raised in La Jolla – where his backyard was literally the La Jolla cliffs, caves and Pacific Ocean. His coming of age in this environment birthed a constant curiosity for adventure and the outdoors. After picking up a camera, he quickly learned that he was able to capture the raw emotion of landscapes and sense of awe into his lens. 

We were tasked with bringing his story to life – and creating a short brand film that captured the essence of his photography and lifestyle. 

(Above) Filming on Sunrise Highway at sunrise, in Mount Laguna, CA. 

Over a 3 day span in December we set out with Ravean for a few of early morning shoots – from the cliffs and caves of La Jolla Shores to the mountains and hiking trails of Mount Laguna. 

We got dirty, muddy and wet – but it was worth every second. 

Take a look at our film below and let us know what you think:

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