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PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Soul Powered - The Indestructible Women

Earlier this year we got a call from the fantastic Sarah Kaler, founder of Soul Powered – an entrepreneurial coaching brand that transforms female leaders to live the lifestyle they want while also making an impact on the world in a positive way. She informed us that she was holding a 3 day retreat mastermind event in Maui – and was looking to have it captured on film. 

We chatted on the phone for almost an hour – talking all about the type of work she does, the types of clients she wants to attract, and the overall look/feel she wanted for her video. What was most exciting to us what that she didn’t really have a specific “vision” – but more so had an aesthetic and vibe that she wanted the retreat to *feel* like. 

We took notes – and decided that we wanted to really get creative with this piece. Sarah made it clear from the get-go that she didn’t want the standard narrative “event filming” and more so wanted to be abstract and deep; edgy and bold. 

Over the next few months she sent over a few pages of notes detailing keywords she wanted the video to exude. Words like “aspirational”, “empowering”, “dynamic” really stuck out to us. We exchanged links to projects that inspired us and really got a great feel for the style of video she was going for. 

Once we arrived in Maui – it was go time. 

We spent 3 full days following around the amazing women of Soul Powered – from yoga on the beach at 6am – to full days masterminding, learning about each entrepreneur and hearing their incredible stories – to 5 hour drives up the coast – to sunset cruises around the bay with the Hawaii mountains on the skyline.

We had our cameras out the entire time and enjoyed every second of the transformative experience. Watch the video below and let us know what you think:

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