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Project Proposals

Project Proposals are the seeds to almost every project we create. They’re often the main ingredient to us being hired – as it gives the client an overall vision for what we can create. On today’s blog we’ll offer a few quick tips that we use to create our Project Proposals. 


Perhaps the most important aspect of any project proposal is “the pitch”. This is our creative vision for what we want to sell. The main objective is always that we want to really wow our clients – so we make sure to put a significant amount of effort into our vision. Describing it in detail, including a treatment or outline of the project – maybe even a mood board or look-book if you think it will help describe the aesthetic and give the client a real clear vision of the project. Often times your clients will be choosing between numerous proposals so it’s essential to really make sure your pitch is well thought out and delivered in rigorous detail.


Project Proposals are presentations – so we always make sure they’re structured and formatted in a professional and detailed manner. We generally structure our proposals the following way:

  • Cover page
  • Introduction 
  • Project Overview
  • The Pitch
  • Estimated Scope of Work
  • Estimated Production Schedule

Formatting the proposal in this way gives the client a page by page breakdown of the entire project – from an introduction to who we are, to a detailed pitch, to what we think it will take to create it and when it will be completed. Structure is so important to how the client views you and could be the difference between your proposal and the next one.


The devil is in the details – and it’s no different with Project Proposals. It’s easy to get caught up in selling our idea with awesome paragraphs about our creative vision then give a quick ballpark quote. But from our experience, clients want the details. So be sure to include the detailed itemized costs of everything that might incur (travel expenses, music licensing, equipment fees, etc, etc). Additionally, if possible, we try to detail the production process with a specific (estimated) schedule on when notable events will happen (filming dates, first draft edit due dates, final delivery, etc). This creates expectations early on, so that clients are aware of the entire process and are never left in the dark regarding the timing from start to finish. Detailed proposals will show clients that you will go the extra mile to produce a well thought-out project from top to bottom.

Let us know if you have any questions about Project Proposals – or if we can help you create one for your company!

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