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Dream Clients

It’s so often talked about what our clients look for in us. And how can we be more of that? What do we need to do to attract them

But what’s often lost in this thought process is: What do WE look for in our clients? 

For us, knowing what WE are looking for in our clients is the first step to attracting them. We call them dream clients. 

Simply put, DREAM CLIENTS are people we absolutely love working with. 

For us, dream clients come in all forms – from large organizations to individuals. It’s not so much the size that matters, but the type of people they are. 

We can usually discover if we’re working with our dream clients in a few short questions:

1. Do They Trust Us? 

Trust is a key essential to great working relationship in video production. It’s trusting our process and allowing us to mold the vision into a final product. It’s trusting our creativity and vision to deliver a top-notch project without being micromanaged. Without trust, you’re probably not going to have much fun creating. 

2. Are They Passionate? 

The front page of our website says it best – “We are passionate about our craft and love making films for clients who love theirs.”. We want to work with people who CARE; people who genuinely want their story to be told; who have something good to say. As creatives, we feed off our clients passion and it drives us to create better projects. 

3. Are They Open To Collaboration? 

Filmmaking is very collaborative process – we’re often working with Producers, Creative Directors, Designers, etc – that all have specific visions for an individual project. Clients that are open to creative collaboration are the ones we most enjoy working with, because, in all honesty, we crave the creative freedom to infuse our vision into the overall story. Executing someone else’s vision from top to bottom isn’t as rewarding as collaborating to create something that has our finger print on it. 


Not all clients will be dream clients, but knowing when you have one will allow you to appreciate them more and flourish in that environment. 


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