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Filming on the Fly

Sometimes video production calls for one speed: GO! We have limited time, limited gear and limited crew to execute ALL of the footage we need for a specific project. This can lead to stress, anxiety and a long day of gear lugging and over shooting. 

When it comes to these types of projects there are a couple great reminders that we like to give ourselves to prepare – to make the shoot less stressful, easier on us – but also to ensure we capture everything we need to create an amazing project. 

Here are 3 tips for “Filming on the Fly”:


Sure, it’s important to film as much as you can – but knowing what you NEED to film before you start filming will greatly reduce the stress and anxiety of feeling like you need to capture it ALL. When we first started, we would over-stress about filming everything no matter what, and then creating the edit with the footage we had; until we realized that if we simply visualize the final edit in our heads before we start – we are relaxed knowing that if we just capture these specific shots – we’ll be fine. Do you need establishing shots of where you are? Testimonials? Interviews? All of the above? Know what you need and go from there. 

“When we first started, we would over-stress about filming everything no matter what…”


After you know what you NEED to film – simplify your gear down to the bare essentials. For us, this often means just one small bag of cameras & limited lenses (one wide, one medium, one tight). We’ll limit our other equipment to bare minimum (one monopod, Ronin/GlideCam, slider, etc). Sometimes we’ll even forego specific equipment  – This will force us to get creative and use the lenses & equipment we have to our advantage. And more importantly, be able to film on the fly faster and easier. 

“…we limit our equipment to bare minimum…”



We know what we need, we’ve packed light – now we have to execute. For us, this mainly means capturing a WIDE variety of shots. As long as we have a wide variety – wide shots, medium shots, tight shots; sweeping glide cam footage, gorgeous wide slider shots, and close up shots…we’ll have a nice batch of footage to choose from when putting together our edit. 


Let us know if you have any tips of your own that you use for Filming on the Fly!

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