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Steering Our Ship: The 3 Core Values That Guide Pure Cinema

Being a small video production business in San Diego, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day craziness of routine work. On any given day we here at Pure Cinema are meeting with clients, responding to calls and emails, organizing shoots, building proposals, filming, editing, sending invoices, etc, etc. It’s a constant daily grind – and if you’re not careful, you can lose focus of where you’re steering the ship.

And that’s why we implemented 3 core values – meant to guide every decision we make as a company. Everything from the types of projects we take on to the people we want to work with; to make sure we always stay focused on our ultimate goals. 

The 3 Core Values of Pure Cinema:

 Snap shot from our 2016 Company Retreat in Encinitas, CA
Snap shot from our 2016 Company Retreat in Encinitas, CA

#1: Do What We Love & Are Passionate About

Duh, right? It’s not rocket science to assume that you’re at your best when you’re doing what you love. And who wants to make a living waking up every day hating the projects they’re working on and the people they’re working with? Implementing this as our #1 core value reminds us of the overall big picture. It reminds us to not allow ourselves to slide down a rabbit hole of projects we hate just chasing a paycheck. It’s all about quality of life to us and making sure we wake up every morning loving what we do. 

#2: Be Adventurous, Fearless, Hungry & Humble

This core value is more of a daily reminder. It reminds us to keep at it when things seem mundane. To stay adventurous and fearless, constantly grinding and working towards our long term goals. To stay creative and keep pursuing passion projects in the midst of a busy season. We added in “humble” because that’s just as important to us: a reminder that we’re grateful for everything we’ve built but know it can be taken away at any moment. To us, these 4 words are a call to action that we are constantly infusing into our daily workflow. 

#3: Put People First

We made it a core value earlier this year that we don’t want to sell people – we want to build relationships. Putting people first is a great reminder to us that life is all about relationships – at home, at work, with friends, with family. Always remembering to put people first guides us towards a more fulfilling experience with our clients not just considering them “another client” – but human beings that we get to connect with on a creative level. 


Those are our 3 Core Values that steer our ship. What do you think of them? What are YOUR core values that help you run your business? Feel free to comment and we’d love to read them. 


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