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A Look Inside: "Get To It"

Like most of our ideas, this one came from a conversation outside one of our favorite San Diego coffee shops.  We have our weekly meetings to sync up, catch up and just chat about where we are creatively as a team.  One of these mornings we were talking and Luke brought up that he’d been wanting to do a production featuring athletes and felt like he had a good idea.  We all dove in from there and started concepting what would end up being our video “Get To It.” 

Whenever we do passion projects we try to accomplish two things: promote a message that we whole heartedly believe and stretch ourselves past our current creative limitations.  


We decided from day one that this had to be more than just a sports video with pretty shots.  We wanted to speak to our hearts and the values we hold as a company.  After a few discussions and paths we started diving into the core idea that “we are what we make ourselves.”  That our lives can be as full and accomplished as we want them to be.  That all it takes is to find a goal and take the first step. It’s how we all were able to leave our day jobs to start this video business that we love and are fortunate enough to be able to sustain ourselves from.  So we took that sentiment and started to explore how that related to the athletic world.  Quickly we realized how perfect of a fit it was.  In sports every day is a new competition; against the other team, an opponent but mainly yourself.  In sports as in business you set your own limitations.  All it takes to succeed is to stop waiting around for success to come to you and to go get it.   Rise and grind. To get up, get to it.  We drew inspiration from listening to famous motivational speeches, watching iconic movies and drawing from our own athletic pasts to craft a script that we loved and felt drove home our message.



We knew this was a much larger producing job than we had ever taken on going into it.  Finding a cast of 8 that met the look we needed but were also accomplished athletes was no easy task on a shoe string budget.  We turned to family, neighbors and of course our good friend Craigslist.  After a month long search we ended up with an Olympian, a NCAA national champion, and a woman who’s nationally ranked in the top 5 of her sport.  In a pinch, my wife even got thrown into the mx and did a fantastic job.  What was so great about casting actual athletes instead of actors was that they brought authenticity to their sport.  They also brought locations all local to San Diego which was a HUGE help.  So once we had the cast, locations and script written we were ready to start shooting.


We wanted to to break the mold of our standard polished look on this video.  We wanted this is feel raw, natural and real. So we set out to see what we could accomplish using primarily natural lighting.  Using the RED Epic Dragon we knew that we had a wide dynamic range to play with but that low light situations were going to kill us.  We stuck to exteriors when we could, using simple bounces and scrims to sculpt the light.  When the script called for an interior we were resourceful.  We found locations that had wide, open windows or nice even interior lighting.  From there we let our guys get to work. 

post production

We wanted to try a few different new things when we were cutting this video.  The first one was to pick a song that was out of the ordinary.  We’ve been inspired by bands like Explosions in the Sky for so long that that type of music is generally what we’ve gravitated towards for motivational videos like this.  So we headed over to Music Bed to find a song that we both felt fit the film but went in a direction that we’d normally never touch.  We ended up finding a track that we loved and its really inspired us to stop being so closed minded about trying new styles on future projects.  Next, we wanted to switch our color grading platform.  We had been doing the majority of our grading inside of Premiere but thought this was the perfect opportunity to finally make the switch to DaVinci Resolve. We’ll never go back.  Not only is the software free and easy enough to learn but it opens up endless possibilities to your grade.  There’s a reason why this is the industry standard.

Overall we had a great time producing this video.  We learned more than we expected and ended up with a film that we were proud of.   We love answering questions and helping others in anyway we can so feel free to leave a comment.  Also, If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet check it out below.





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