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A Day in the Life of Jack Fallon

Getting to work on awesome projects with rad people is why we exist – and it’s always a bonus when it requires a trip to a place we’ve always wanted to go.

It was a brisk 19° when we arrived in Detroit, Michigan. Total Life Changes, a rapidly growing international health and wellness company, needed a video that would answer a lot of questions about their C.E.O., Jack Fallon. Naturally, with TLC being a huge international brand with offices across the globe, people were really curious about what their C.E.O. was like. What does he do all day? Are the rumors true about the leotard under his suit and the giant “S” on his chest? Does Chuck Norris have HIM on speed dial? Who is this captain that’s steering our ship?

The goal was to connect people to their C.E.O. by giving them a backstage pass to a day in his shoes. When we heard the concept, we immediately knew that it was imperative for the video not to feel manufactured. Creating a video that was overly-produced or staged could actually hurt our goal in getting people to connect with him. Our aim was to capture substance and authenticity over a heavy focus on visuals.

One of the ways we did this was deciding early on that excessive or dramatic camera movement wouldn’t quite fit this story. It could take away from its believability and could even distract the viewer. We kept our gear light and simple; ready to capture any spontaneous moment that might occur.

The danger in going off-script and trying to capture something authentic is that you might not like what you get, but we were pleasantly surprised. We arrived at Jack’s house at 6:30am and at that hour, you can’t expect a happy camper when a film crew is invading your home, but Jack was gracious, warm, and made it really easy for us to capture everything we needed.

Most people would imagine the C.E.O. of a company worth hundreds of millions to be the type of person that would make you feel small in their presence, but that is the exact opposite of how Jack made us feel. We spent the entire day with him and it was clear that he was the real deal. We simply rolled the cameras as he spoke candidly about the love for his family & the passion he has for his company. Not forcing a narrative onto the concept was the key in producing the authentic feel we hoped we would capture.

We didn’t find any leotards. There wasn’t any evidence of calls to or from Chuck Norris (that we saw), but we did get to see what gets the successful TLC C.E.O. up in the morning and with over 100,000 views and thousands of shares, we absolutely helped people connect with Jack in a new way.




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