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Merritt Bookkeeping Video Shoot

Bookkeeping. For some, the mere mention of the word can run shivers down your spine. Crunching numbers, keeping track of data, logging all of your profit/loss, purchases, etc, etc – Simply put: it’s a chore. We were well aware of this before we were approached by Merritt Bookkeeping – a company who’s goal it is to simplify the process for small businesses such as Pure Cinema. So when they approached us looking for a short video to promote their services, we honestly weren’t sure where to even begin. How do you advertise BOOKKEEPING?! It’s just…bookkeeping. A task so many want to avoid, but a necessity none the less. 

We put our heads together with the Merritt team and came up for a concept to hear “real stories from real business owners” – have them talk about their company and detail how Merritt Bookkeeping has simplified their lives. 

Filming this video was a short and sweet – a 1 day/full day shoot in Pacific Beach at 3 different small businesses that use Merritt Bookkeeping. We starting the morning in a small tea shop, before moving into a tiny acupuncture studio, and then finished up at a small beauty & hair studio.

We kept our gear simple for the small locations: 2 DSLR camera angles, 2 Kino Diva lights for interviews, & a boom RODE mic.

Our key focal point for the video was to focus on the entrepreneurs experience with Merritt Bookkeeping – and we wanted to make sure that the video highlighted that they “never have to worry about their bookkeeping” by using Merritt. 

In the end, we produced a short business promo video for a great local company who does stellar work in a difficult industry to excel in. And they even gained another client in the process: us!


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