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The Raw Collective Video Shoot

It’s always great to be approached by new brands and companies to create a video for a new marketing campaign. And what makes it even better is when the brand represents a greater purpose. So we were thrilled when the team from The Raw Collective called us up and asked us to create a video to help launch their new company. 

Certified Raw by The Raw Collective aims to be a trusted certifier of healthy, organic raw foods and products. They were looking for a video that would explain who they are and what they do – and show their Certified Raw Collective stamp of approval in a real life setting. It was also important to establish some credibility for the company, so we interviewed Michael Luna, co-founder of the Raw Collective in order to put a face to the name.

This was a project that required a lot of planning. We needed to make an empty grocery store not look like a ghost-town, so from the get go we knew this meant working with a group of actors so the set didn’t look so “after hours” although it was. 

After completing the script and outline – we were able to book a filming location at Organic Roots: an organic grocery store located in Temecula, which was the perfect setting for the organic brand.

The idea for the video was that we wanted to bring the viewer into a familiar setting and show the Certified Raw brand being purchased and trusted by everyday shoppers. 

On most of our shoots prior, we were used to filming with 2 or 3 cameras. But for this project, we chose to film with just 1 camera – this way we would ensure that we take our time and properly set up each shot. We were looking to control the environment more rather than run and gun it. 

On set we worked with a cast of about 10 people to simulate the shopping experience. Working with a cast was a bit different for us, and was definitely a learning experience. At times we told them to just “pretend shop” for 10 minutes while we ran around capturing tons of broll footage. Other times we were able to stage more specific branded shots that were storyboarded and set up in pre-production. 

Production wrapped after midnight after a long night of filming – but we were very pleased with the outcome of the shoot and proud of the short video we put together for Certified Raw by the Raw Collective. 


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