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Left Coast Brewery Video Shoot

Throw a rock in Southern California these days and you’ll probably hit a craft brewery. It feels like they’re popping up now more than Starbucks. However, not all can claim that they helped lay the groundwork for the recent craft beer boom and have a reputation of crafting innovative brews that have led the way for many. That is, unless, you’re Left Coast Brewery – the San Clemente based company that we had the pleasure of working with last year. 

As huge fans of craft beer, we were so excited to be working with Left Coast to create a short video promo on their brewery that shined a spotlight on a few of their beers and their dedication to quality.

The Left Coast Brewing Company story is pretty rad: They’re a fully owned and operated family business. After founding the Oggis Pizza franchise they started Left Coast simply as a distributor for original Oggi’s beer, but quickly began to gain popularity and branch out. 

They now brew 6 beers full time, along with multiple seasonal brews, and distribute to 21 states.

When we arrived on location at their production brewery in San Clemente we were given a full tour of the facility by Master Brewer Randal Dilibero. On this particular day they were batch brewing their flagship brew: the Hop Juice Double IPA, and gave us an all access pass to the entire facility & brewing process.

It was a quick half day shoot so we brought just a few tools to capture everything. Only having a couple of hours with the team meant we had to adopt a run and gun filming style – and filter our camera equipment to just the necessities. We chose to bring 2 cameras (Canon C100 & Canon 5D mark iii), 1 slider, 1 glidecam and 1 monopod. That was it. We had to make it work with just those.

Run and gun meant we were literally running all over the brewery capturing as many shots we we could to tell the story. We were in the mash bins, riding on fork lifts, in the bottle room, in the fridge, in the tasting room, etc.

After running around the entire brewery capturing the processing of making/bottling the beer – we sat down with the owner Tommy Hadjis in the tasting room to hear about the story of Left Coast and learn about their commitment to consistency & quality. 

Afterwards, we moved back to the brew warehouse to sit down with Master Brewer Randal Dilibero to hear about his beers and what goes into the brewing process. 

 After we wrapped production, they sent us on our way with a few BIG OFFICE brews – their delicious IPA. 

All in all, it was fast paced, but super fun video to produce. And we hope to be back in the craft brewing field to capture more video content soon. 

If you had be stuck inside working all day, there are far worse places to be than inside a production brewery full of amazing brewers and top notch craft beer.


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