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San Diego Zoo's "Tech to Reconnect" Video Shoot

Being from San Diego, there are a couple of facts we just know: fish tacos are delicious, the beaches are beautiful, and the San Diego Zoo is spectacular. The Zoo here is world famous – So when we got a call from them late last year regarding an exciting new event project they were planning, we jumped at the opportunity!

They were preparing to launch an event series called “Tech to Reconnect”, and were looking for 2 videos: a short commercial promo to spark interest and spread awareness of the events – and a recap Highlight video of the events after they took place. 

The idea for Tech to Reconnect was to bring together people from all walks of life (students, teachers, scientists, inventors, etc) to discuss how technology can reconnect people with natureThey wanted to bring in guest speakers from all over the world who were doing amazing things in their perspective fields – and show/talk about this fusion of two very separate ideas.

After learning all about the Tech to Reconnect objectives – we created a concept/script for the promo video to show how nature & technology are already working together: A hiker using his iPhone to research animals; a star gazer using a camera to capture beautiful photos of the sky; a drone preparing for flight to take nature photos. Then we wanted to also show ways in which the tech/nature fusion is advancing, and also inspire others to create new ways to merge the two. 

It was tons fun getting out into nature to film this video. We went from early morning shoots on hiking trails (above) to late night stargazing time-lapse shoots at 3am in the middle of nowhere (below). We also filmed at Mission Trails, UCSD, Rancho Buena Vista High School and, of course, the San Diego Zoo.  

After creating the promo video it was time to film the actual events! On 3 different nights in October, November and December we came to the San Diego Zoo and captured the Tech to Reconnect conversation series on film – and also interviewed the featured speakers.

It was an event unlike any other we have ever filmed, complete with discussion panels, display tables, amazing presentations, videos, photos, new inventions, and everything in between. Guest speakers from Virgin Galactic, GoPro, National Geographic, FabLab, UCSD, etc all spoke about the exciting future ahead of us. 

In the end, Tech to Reconnect is an event we were so honored so be a part of. Witnessing and hearing about all of the possibilities and future plans so many have to merge technology and nature was inspiring and awe worthy. We had a blast working with The San Diego Zoo to create both videos, and look forward to seeing their Tech to Reconnect program grow over the years. 


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