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Trophy Motorcycles Video Shoot

For us, crafting a new video for a company’s main page of their website is an exhilarating task. It means that a group of people are putting their brand into our hands – and trusting that we are going to create a visual piece that speaks to their audience. That we are going to be able to tell an effective story about who they are as company in just a few short minutes. Often times these videos are the first thing people see when they come to a website, and so we take great pride in creating that connection between the brand and the consumer.

One of our favorite projects we worked on last year was creating a new company promo video for Trophy Motorcycles – a vintage motorcycle shop in San Diego. The founders, Tim Johnson & Isaac Heinrich are true experts when it comes to vintage motorcycle service & restoration. They came to us looking for a video that would bridge the connection between them and their clients, and show people what they do.

Our concept for the video was to bring the audience into the motorcycle shop – let them see and feel the bikes. Try to make the viewers taste the grit and grim of motorcycle grease, and smell the engine oil through our lens. More so, in our interview questions, we tried to dig deeper than the general “What do you guys do here?” and “When is your shop open?”. This meant diving into the WHY. We wanted to know what made them fall in love with motorcycles in the first place. What was their first memory of riding? When was the moment they knew this was their true passion? What is it about riding and working on a vintage bike that is more satisfying than a modern one? 

Once the interviews were knocked out we got down and dirty (literally) roaming all over the shop capturing broll footage of them in action. They gave us total access to anywhere and everything – and we ran around like crazy with our cameras having them work on bikes, move parts, grab tools, pour gas, rev engines, etc, etc. They were awesome working with us to ensure we got tons of amazing footage of the shop in full bloom. 

After spending the morning in the Trophy shop – we hit the streets of San Diego in the afternoon to capture some shots of them riding around town. To pull this off we had to fold the seats down in our SUV and strap in Shane with a C100 aimed out the back window. We found a great windy road off the freeway that allowed us to capture some awesome footage of them riding.

We had such an amazing time creating this video. Working with Tim, Isaac and the Trophy Motorcycles crew was a blast. 

Making a career doing what we love never gets old. And building relationships with our clients, and knowing that we’re building new relationships between them and their clients, is what it’s all about.


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