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BPM Supreme Video Shoot

Sometimes dream projects just fall in your lap. This was the case for us when we were approached by BPM Supreme – a San Diego based company that provides professional DJ’s with state of the art music subscription services to enhance their workflow. With some of the hottest DJ’s in the business using BPM Supreme, they were looking for a commercial promo video to advertise their services for their new website roll out, social media & branding (

From the very first meeting, we were given complete control to take the project wherever we felt it needed to go creatively. After meeting with the BPM team, we drafted up a sample mood board & temporary script that we presented as a starting point. 

The idea was that we wanted to show DJ’s “on the go”, and how using BPM Supreme makes their lives so much easier. And because their jobs are awesome – we also wanted to make sure we focused on performances with stellar club shots/bright lights/crowds, etc. With this concept in mind, we knew we needed to focus on movement. We wanted to be intentional with the overall feel of every shot, but leave room for inspiration to strike at any moment. 

Directing our talent was extremely easy because DJ’s are so used to production. Here we have DJ Artistic entering his office and we’re setup on our Glidecam rig for a tracking shot. 

DJ Loczi was kind enough to open up his home and let us film some setup shots. The video would have been a failure if the focus was just on awesome visuals, so one of the key elements was to get these high profile DJ’s actually using the service we were promoting. It helped that they all really do use the service and love it. 

Locking in the voice-over is one of my favorite parts of production. It’s the narration of the entire video, so it’s really fun to coach the talent into giving us a performance that matches the overall aesthetic and “feel” of the video. Hiring a voice over professional is always an option, but for us, it’s all about the authenticity. It was important for us to use actual DJ’s who can speak from the heart.

the final video

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