Pure Cinema is a video production company based in San Diego specializing in high quality brand films, commercial films, and corporate video. We enjoy working with agencies, brands, and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We're passionate about our craft.

Our strength is our talented team of creatives. We’ve built an excellent roster of producers, directors, cinematographers, and editors, to deliver content that is engaging and successful.

Our Talent

Our Story

Pure Cinema was founded in 2014 under the belief that collaboration and relationships are the keys to creating authentic, quality content.

We are a team of award winning producers, directors, cinematographers, editors and photographers. We are husbands, parents and significant others. We are coffee lovers, Netflix bingers, surfers, punk rockers and laugh till we cry-ers. We are collaborators, explorers, and adventure seekers. We are a team of industry creatives; driven by the passion to create.

Our Capabilities

We like to take our clients from ideation through distribution. We don't always get that opportunity and that is fine too. We like to divide our process up into 3 main categories; Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production.

Our Work

We do lots of stuff...

- Production
- Storyboarding
- Casting
- Location Scouting
- Directing
- Cinematographers
- Video Production
- Post Production
- Coloring
- Sound Engineering

Netflix; “My First Red Envelope”

A Netflix documentary about Netflix? It reminds me of my favorite stand up rant by Lewis Black where the satire of a Starbucks Across From A Starbucks is almost too much to handle. At this…

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